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A comprehensive full report on incorporated companies displaying details of the company, a credit summary, four years abbreviated accounts, ccjs and directors / officer  details……………………….With the EAC Credit Search you will be emailed the information the same day instantly and sent copies by 1st class mail. With our database of over 4 million UK businesses, you can reach credit reports online for virtually any business in a variety of business sectors. Business credit reports are invaluable to your marketing, financing, account management, and accounts receivable departments. Review the business credit report and rating on potential new accounts, find out patterns in late payments, save time, decide smart courses of action, and ultimately increase your bottom line and business stability. Business credit reports help steer you away from bad decisions, predict weak spots, and encourage solid relationships with clients and vendors. In good economic times or more uncertain ones, you’ll be able to leverage the information you receive from business credit reports to make sound decisions. Our credit reports are: – Simple to use  -  Excellent value for money - Updated daily…….. Why use these reports?: – Reduce bad debt – Implement credit limits – Review your competitors – Improve your sales opportunities – Target better prospects.